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This issue of football science, we focused on the 11 positions of football today, and the tactics in the football game arranged in the position of the position, and made a precise explanation today. For the fans we often read football, understand the names and tactical distribution of each location are all important. No matter what you like football, it will play football, or just to send time to watch wholesale soccer jersey, we all need for football. The location has a clear understanding. We understand the number of football players or cheap nfl jerseys china jerseys, and the role of each location is as important. Whether it is a TV game or on-site watch, as a fan, you should at least know each player standing in this position. It is What is called, it can play, why the coach will have such an arrangement. cheap nfl jerseys free shipping Every location on the court, when is the player in the team, when you go to kick, a certain player should act as a role in the game, which is important. Today, we will come together to analyze.

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Today, we must focus on the basic technical arrangement of the team, and some players stand in place, their next action.cheap nfl jerseys free shipping This is a basic skill in the fans. If you understand these, you can see the probilization of the competition, and the two teams are judged by the two teams. This is to teach everyone to gambling,wholesale soccer jersey but let everyone play the cheap nfl jerseys china game, and the team's team will be rationally judged, and it can also enjoy the wonderfulness of the game.

First, we have to analyze some of the tactics that appear in the team competition and some tips. The tactics of the football game is actually a big question. Here is how people stand in the position, including how the wholesale soccer jersey should be able to play with how to kick each other. Especially when we watch TV live broadcast, we can see that before the start of the game, the coaches of the two teams will focus on the entire team, and they are surrounded by a circle, saying that some only they can understand The secret is actually the football competition tactics before training. Sure.cheap nfl jerseys free shipping All the tactics will be adjusted according to the staff of the other party, and have not said a play. Before the game, the coaches of the two teams will study the technical situation of each player. It will also analyze which method may play in this game process to play, because each play opponent may After practicing, we have to do some adjustments according to the roles of different opponents and their strength.cheap nfl jerseys china Every player we can see is like a respective technology in their respective positions, and the movements will be more beautiful and smooth. In fact, it is because the coach is constantly observing the situation in the game, there will be some tactics and player positions in the game.

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That then let's take a look at some of all sites. First, the station starts from the goalkeeper, also called the GK goalkeeper,cheap nfl jerseys free shipping the opposite side of the goalkeeper is called Qing Daofu, this clearing the role is to turn the opponent of the ball door to the goal, avoiding the continuous initiation of the goalkeeper, with the goalkeeper to complete the goal of goals Or fail,wholesale soccer jersey although this role is specially kicked, preventing the other party from attacking the ball, it seems a simple task, in fact, it is also very challenging and arduous task, and a row of rows behind the Qing Daofu is also very critical. The position of the player,cheap nfl jerseys china we name each: right guard, right guard, right middle guard, middle and defend, left middle guard, left back guard, left guard, a total of seven people, seven people stand in this position.