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This so-called tactics is in the wholesale soccer jersey match, the coach will be based on the team in this game, some sketches of his opponents. This program will marke each location on a simulation nfl jerseys china At the same time, it is arranged which position in our group should be responsible for it,cheap nfl jerseys free shipping so this will arrange the coach before the game will arrange the position of everyone.

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Sometimes different locations are different,cheap nfl jerseys china but the position is fixed. Sometimes a player will also serve as a plurality of characters,wholesale soccer jersey and there are not many locations. In fact, no matter what the name is called, the location may be the same,cheap nfl jerseys free shipping the difference is not big. For details, let's analyze different locations, what is the role of it.

First introduce the door, the goalkeeper is an indispensable important role inside a team, because it is to attack than the other party, the purpose is to shoot. The purpose of our defense is to make the other side shot success. So the door will be a very rigorous role in the door. Otherwise, the player kicks half-dead, and it was successfully sent by the other party, and the game was also derived. That is, participate in the wholesale soccer jersey match, if the competition is not enough, everyone can be less, but the goalkeeper is not less. If the goalkeeper is penalized for a foul, for example, he did some actions or suddenly left the court, he was punished. At this time,cheap nfl jerseys china someone will replace this door. This location cannot be changed, it is white, in the whole game team, cheap nfl jerseys free shipping you can have less strikers, you can have less farmers, you can have less defender, you can have less left back to defend the right guard, but the door will not be less, must retain In this position. We have some gates that are more famous in the world, including part of Casideha, and more.

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Let's take a look at the position of the defender. The defender we saw above, in fact, there is a whole row, left back, right back, guard, side nfl jerseys china After we collect it as a guard, the defender is divided into left back guard, Zuo Zhongwei, Zhongwei, right Zhongwan defender.wholesale soccer jersey If combined with 532, this kind of tactical rules, we collect these defenders as five defenders. That case, we will arrange this nfl jerseys free shipping If it is a playing method of 433 or 5523, the left defender is different from the two in the right guard. But their duties are the same, all of which can block the enemy attack in a critical time. The famous defender is made by Picker, Mai Poles, and the like.