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That is to say, the wholesale soccer jersey match, the different positions will be able to stand the same player. In the broadcast game, the soccer game's nephew generally uses some very professional terms to analyze the position of the players on the football field, such as the front waist, left forward,cheap nfl jerseys china right forward. These if you don't understand, or to this picture is not clear about his name for each location, then you may not understand,cheap nfl jerseys free shipping a fog, may not see it.

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In addition to defending, that is, midfield, including the right middle field, right midfield, right middle midfield, Zhongzhongfield, left middle field,cheap nfl jerseys free shipping left middle field. This row is playing in midfield, its location is better than the front of the back. Behind the midfielder,wholesale soccer jersey the right front waist, front waist, left front guard, the left front is right front, the middle front left front, in front. The back is the winger, including the right front, right center. The center of the center shadow is row, many people may not understand,cheap nfl jerseys china a team, not before, is there only 11 players? Then, how many players are there? More than 20 players, how is this?

In fact, we have just introduced that the location of the entire wholesale soccer jersey court is divided, that is, when you stand in this position, it belongs to what roles, each location does not mean to stand alone. But for a lot of especially like playing cheap nfl jerseys free shipping, especially from small to big watching games, or there are some more excellent cheap nfl jerseys china players, or stars, they will usually look at the game, they like more deeper understanding of the rules of the game. Some segments.

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So first, the first point to see the position of the cheap nfl jerseys free shipping field of the football player must be well understood. Due to only 11 in the wholesale soccer jersey match, each person has a separate location, because each location cannot be left blank. If you leave it, you will appear by the other party to find a vulnerability to attack, which is broken. In this case, the role of this 11 people will nfl jerseys china In addition to the goalkeeper fixed the goal position, the other ten people will act as a variety of roles.